Root Canal Therapy

  • Root Canal Therapy is performed when a decayed tooth was infected and has penetrated the canal and has cause inflammatory response, on the nerve of the tooth, which results in severe pain, swelling and infection. The process involves the removal of infected tissue, and eventually sealing the tooth. It may be indicated for crowns, since tooth that had undergone RCT are brittle and prone to chipping off and discoloration.

Photodynamic Light Disinfection

  • Photodynamic Light Disinfection is an effective supplement for the treatment of Periodontics - pocket infection, disinfection of canals during Root Canal treatment and deep dental cavities during restorative treatment. The treatment helps in reducing inflammatory response and opportunistic infection.

Post and Core (Casted, Fiber and Titanium)

  • Post and Core (Casted, Fiber and Titanium) is a procedure done to sufficiently build-up tooth structure, loss fracture or decay. It helps hold the foundation for a crown and bridge treatment.

Sub-Gingival - Scaling and Root Planning (Per Quadrant)

  • Subgingival Scaling is the removal of plaque, hard calcular deposits and debris of the tooth surface below the gum line, with the use of either ultrasonic scaler or manual curettes.
  • Root Planning is the removal of toxins and deposits from the root surface. The procedure makes a smooth root surface which is less likely to attract plaque and promotes epithelial reattachment.

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