Dental braces have a lot of indications commonly to straighten, align, rotate teeth, correct the bite and close gaps. Both children and adults can benefit from wearing braces.

  • Conventional Metal Braces

Conventional Metal Braces are made of medically grade stainless steel bonded to the teeth. Arch wires are held in place by an elastic rubber ligature. Patients often need to come every 3-4 weeks for adjustment. Generally indicated for mild to severe malocclusion.

  • Sapphire Clear Braces

Sapphire Clear Braces are made from monocrystalline sapphire, known as the clear braces. These brackets are virtually invisible and unnoticeable. Indicated for patients with minor crowding and for patients with high esthetic concerns.

  • Ceramic Tooth Colored Braces

Ceramic Tooth Colored Braces are made of ceramic material that comes in many shades to blend nicely with the color of the patient’s natural tooth. Indicated for mild crowding and for patients with high esthetic concerns.

  • Self Legating Bracket System

Self Legating Bracket System is an innovative solution to orthodontic treatment. They deliver results in few appointments and faster treatment time. It has specialized brackets with built in clips or windows that slides to create less friction between the bracket and wire as it moves teeth in position. It eliminates the need for rubber elastics that need to be checked every 3-4 weeks. It can be made of metal, ceramic and clear brackets depending on the patient’s demand for esthetics. Indicated for mild to severe form of malocclusion.


  • Invisalign Orthodontic System is a new way to straighten teeth with invisible, clear, removable, and comfortable aligners. It includes a series of computer generated aligners that are custom made for each case. It stimulates tooth movement by changing aligner every 2-3 weeks. A comprehensive examination and discussions can help patients choose the right treatment options for each individual case.


Retainers are custom-made removable appliances usually made of wires and clear plastic that hold teeth in position after surgery or after the orthodontic treatment with braces.

  • Hawley's Removable Retainers

Hawley's Removable Retainers have design that include wires and clasps embedded in a relatively thick plastic body that covers the roof of the patient's mouth or else lies along the tongue side of their lower teeth, to prevent relapse after fixed braces.

  • Clear Vacuum Formed Retainers

Clear Vacuum Formed Retainers are made from a sheet of hard clear plastic that covers all the teeth surfaces to prevent relapsed after fixed braces. Virtually invisible and prevents speech problems that can be experienced with conventional Hawley-Retainers.

  • Lingual Bonded Retainers

Lingual Bonded Retainers are retainers made of wire or fiber that are bonded or attached behind the teeth. It holds the teeth in place after fixed orthodontic treatment.

TMJ Appliance Therapy

  • TMJ Appliance Therapy is a prefabricated, soft, flexible medical silicone that assists in the correction of both myofunctional and parafunctional habits.

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