Children's Oral Prophylaxis

Children's Oral Prophylaxis is the cleaning of the teeth, consisting removal of plaque, calculus, materia alba and extrinsic stains; performed as a preventive measure for control of gingivitis.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride Treatment is done to harden the outer tooth surface from bacteria and acid attack. It is a preventive procedure for Dental caries formation. It is delivered either in Gel form or in varnishes.

Pit and fissure Sealants

Pit and fissure sealant is a procedure done on posterior teeth to prevent demineralization of enamel that can lead to dental cavities.

Myofunctional Appliance Therapy

Myofunctional Appliance Treatment utilizes removable appliances that influences tooth position, development and eruption of permanent dentition, jaw position, habit correction, through the use of oro-facial muscles and tissue. It is usually recommended for children and adolescent.

Space Maintainer

Space Maintainer is needed when a child loses his/her primary tooth too early. The space maintainer keeps the space open until the permanent tooth comes in.

Inclined Plane

Inclined Plane is an appliance made of clear orthodontic acrylic to correct anterior cross bite in children. There are different types of inclined plane for different patient’s need. Only proper diagnosis and treatment planning will assure patients of good results.

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