Clinical Chemistry Department

Clinical Chemistry Department is an automated section which accommodates high workload setting as in the hospital. It provides chemical tests for various blood components, measurement of enzyme and hormone activities. Our large arrays of tests include general or routine chemistry (e.g. liver and kidney function), special chemistry by spectrophotometric technique and electrolyte analysis.

Diabetic monitoring and Organ Function Tests are the main target of this section.

The Hematology Department

The Hematology Department serves as a center for diagnosis and evaluation of hematologic diseases including anemia, leukemia, clotting disorders and other causes of low or high blood counts. Common disorders are most often detected by complete blood count, which account for the highest volume test in the laboratory. Coagulation analyses are also available to evaluate bleeding tendencies.

Immunology and Serology

Immunology and Serology focuses on identifying antibodies and investigating problems with the immune system such as autoimmune diseases. This section provides a range of tests for tumor markers, sexually transmitted diseases and hepatitis.

Tumor markers are used to determine risk, screen for early cancers, establish diagnosis, therapy assessment and recurrence or progression monitoring. These indicators are important for the clinicians to assume a clinical event that may happen to patients.

Clinical Microscopy and Parasitology

Clinical Microscopy and Parasitology deals with the qualitative and quantitative analysis of non-blood body fluids such as urine, stool and semen. Urine examinations provide valuable initial diagnosis concerning dysfunctions of both renal and non-renal origin. Stool analyses cover the assessment of parasitism, gastro-intestinal bleeding and liver and biliary duct disorders. Semen analysis on the other hand is very important in evaluating fertility and post vasectomy cases.

Miscellaneous tests are also performed in our laboratory concerning histology and bacteriology.

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