Internal Medicine

We serve your specific needs with our specialist internist, in helping and guiding you in the management of your chronic illnesses such as hypertension, diabetes, Asthma, cardiopulmonary, renal and liver diseases, and the like.


We shall take care of your babies from birth to adulthood. We offer complete vaccinations for your kids’ protection, as well as treat their illnesses, to ensure a happy and healthy childhood for every one of them.


We put women’s health as one of our top priorities. Our OB-GYN department offers reproductive health advice, PAP smears and other cancer screening, and most importantly, prenatal care, check-ups and delivery.


Our surgery department offers all kinds of minor surgeries, from cyst removal, biopsies, circumcisions, etc. For major surgical cases, elective procedures are scheduled at the patient’s convenience.

General Medicine

Our primary physicians are always on hand to treat all kinds of ailments. Ever at the frontline, they are responsible for prompt relevant medical care, as well as triage to specialty management. Our doctors are also willing to guide you through a wellness program to keep you away from troublesome maladies and safeguard your health, first and foremost.

NOTE: We can arrange special appointments for you, should you need the care of a particular specialist.

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